Applied Curiosity




Applied Curiosity is a UX design agency. They solve product design problems for clients. They’re creating a collaborative, fun and respectful work environment. I really admire their mission of enabling designers to grow together solving great problems, it’s like a designer’s lab.

Design process

  • Multiple brainstorm sessions over coffee
  • Rapid sketching with good ol’ pen and paper
  • Starting some concepts digitally based on the sketches
  • Iterating towards three conceptual directions
  • Honing in on the best direction
  • Refining
  • Building out brand guidelines

The core concept

People apply curiosity. We symbolised this by creating a symbol framework. Each hand drawn symbol visualises design methodologies, objects, place, collaboration, university, thinking, emotion and curiosity.

Everyone who works with Applied Curiosity gets to add to the symbol library, helping build the visual language. The identity keeps growing just like their designers.